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Twitter and Email Information

You may also connect with me on Twitter or contact me by email.  I would encourage you to leave a comment on my blog posts as well.

Twitter: brilyn37

Email: brilyn37@aol.com


  1. donaldo says:

    I absolutely agree with your erudite and well researched points of view on this blog. I also want to thank you for courageously speaking out for the retention of democracy. Are you aware of the current effort to silence/control or free conversations on this medium. :Alarmingly The richest 1% could now control what we all see on the Internet forever — erasing the democratic promise of an information highway for everyone the founders of the world wide web imagined.The US and the EU are on the verge of giving the richest corporations and people the right to show content at the best speeds, faster access to pages and a chance to sell us web content like it’s cable TV.
    Source http://www.avaaz.org/en/internet_apocalypse_loc/?tcffJab Mucho gracias. y con sus ayudarmes.,veneremos.

  2. Your article on buying back the Senate is right on target! Indeed, we can buy all Presidential and Congressional seats for $7.00 a year. We needn’t solve for the Citizens United or McCutcheon decisions; all we need to change is how we finance campaigns for candidates who will represent most voters.

    How did I develop such an idea? When I was transferred up to manage Fisherman’s Wharf, there was an urgent need for a street performer program. To help cover the Port of San Francisco’s expenses, I developed a unique plan that provided (mandatory) Free Speech for all performers and extra benefits for Licensees. After much vetting, it was adopted by the Port Commission and has been in effect since 2008.

    The Citizens United decision prompted me to adapt that bifurcated speech model to money. It became The Fair Elections Fund–a Whole New Ball Game (www.thefairelectionsfund.com). If a hopeful legislator obtains Supporting Signatures from thousands of neighbors permitting him/her to use their money, would people vote for candidates beholden to the 1%?

    The website is silent on its origin because this gratis effort isn’t about me, it’s for all us us. What I would like is for people to share and discuss it, and make passage a voting issue.

  3. I’m not familiar with WordPress, but have sent you an e-mail.

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