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TV Ads May Soon Target You Personally

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DATA DRIVEN VIEWPOINT: How, as good citizens, can we ever expect to broaden our views and embrace our differences when everything we read, see on TV or hear in broadcasts are increasingly tailored to our current preferences?

“But these targeted ads are just commercial pitches for products we might want”, you say?

Maybe, but what we consume, what we produce and what we prefer not only derive from culture, it also drives culture changes.  The things we buy and the person we become have a transactional relationship, each influencing the other. So our purchases influence our attitudes and world outlook even as our attitudes and outlook influence what we want to buy.  Allowing broadcast media to so personally influence our buying habits likely has unseen consequences.

Coming in 2013 – targeted TV ads

BRobert Andrews
Nov 30, 20127:07AM


TV advertising remains healthy, but platform operators want a bigger slice of the pie. Next year, some will introduce targeted advertising to their set top boxes, promising greater granularity and more effectiveness to marketers.Just like with static display ads online, we have become used to seeing targeted video ads on the web, mobiles and tablets.

Now video ad targeting will come to the living room, when the UK’s two big pay-TV operators will soon start showing targeted ads to viewers in 2013. [SNIP]

The products

Leading provider BSkyB will trial-launch an NDS Dynamic-powered service to seven million set top boxes under the AdSmart banner by the summer, allowing advertisers to target 90 different demographic attributes. According to Sky

[SNIP]  Read more at the above URL address


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