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Child Fatality Risk Factors Report


The rate at which children are dying at the hands of family members in this country is shameful and so unbelievable sad. The BBC just did a special about it here: BBC Special Report [http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-15288865].


So I thought I would share a guide I developed.   This isn’t a pleasant topic, I know, but it is an important one.


Below are some risk factors associated with higher rates of child deaths from abuse or neglect.  These were drawn from a survey of literature regarding child maltreatment fatalities.    The link above is to the report itself, which you should read.  The points below summarizes some of the information the report contains.  All credit goes to the Academy for Professional Excellence who put out the report. Who knows, blogging this might raise someone’s red flag some day and lead to a timely report for a child at risk, or encourage a struggling parent to ask for help.


If any parents out there are worried about themselves and their children,  and see these attributes as fitting their own circumstances, please seek the support and assistance you need right away. There are a lot of good folks and organizations who are ready to help. See the list of resources below.


(Note to others: Please don’t report a family based only on the fact they have some of these attributes.  That would be wrong and maybe even harmful.  Reports, generally speaking, should be bases on a reasonable suspicion that a caregiver’s actions or inactions have, or could have significantly harmed a child.)




Child Attributes:

–         There is a new born infant in the home

–          A child is under three-years-old (children 3 and under account for over 75% of all fatalities.)

–         A child has medical, behavioral, or developmental problems

–         A child is ill or handicapped

–         A child was born premature

–         An infant has colic

–         A child is hostile, aggressive or excessively fussy

–         A child has disturbed or unusual behaviors

–         A child has a recent history of vomiting, reoccurring medical concerns or multiple hospitalizations


Family Attributes:

–         There are two or more children under 3 years old

–         Family lacks suitable child care availability

–         Family is financially poor

–         Children have different biological fathers

–         Unrelated adults are living in the home

–         Family has a history of severe or repeated instances of maltreatment

–         There are multiple father figures in and out of the home

–         The family has frequent moves


Caregiver Attributes:

–         Lives near or below the poverty line

–         Has a low education level (no high school diploma0

–         Has poor stress coping abilities

–         Has a history of abuse as a child

–         Has had his/her parental rights terminated in the past

–         Is a victim or perpetrator of domestic violence

–         Has a history of violence or criminality

–         Has a problem with substance abuse

–          Has a deficit of skills related to parenting (including ineffective or inconsistent discipline)

–         Has unrealistic expectations about children’s behavior and capabilities

–         Lacks emotional attachment to the child

–         Has mental health problems (e.g. depression)

–         Is socially isolated, without a healthy support system

–         Is a teenage mother, particularly for the second or subsequent child

–         Is a mother who never pursued prenatal care


Click to access SACHS-Child%20Fatalities%20Literature%20Review-Feb%202010.pdf


IN NEW JERSEY:  http://www.state.nj.us/dcf/index.shtml





Childhelp USA®
National Child Abuse Hotline
24 Hours a Day

Child Abuse National Hotline
1-800-252-2873, 1-800-25ABUSE

National Youth Crisis Hotline
National Youth Development
1-800-HIT-HOME (1-800-448-4663)

National Runaway Switchboard
This hot-line is a referral service for youths in personal crisis.

State-by-State Listings:

State Organization Phone
Alabama Dept. of Human Resources 334 242-9500
Alaska 24-hr hotline: 800 478-4444
Arizona Phoenix hotline: 800 541-5781
Arkansas Dept. of Human Services 800 482-5964
California Dept. of Social Services Office of Child Protective Services 916 445-2771
Colorado DenverCounty: 24 hr. hotline 303 727-3000
Connecticut Reporting 24 hrs: 800 842-2599
Delaware Reporting 24 hrs in-state: 800 292-9582
District of Columbia Report child abuse

Report child neglect

202 576-6762

202 727-0995

Florida Abuse Registry 800 962-2873
Georgia Dept. of Human Resources Child Protective and Placement Services Unit: 404 657-3408
Hawaii Dept. of Human Services 24hr hotline: 808 832-5300
Idaho For information and referral to regional office: 208 334-0808
Illinois In-State Parents under stress and Reporting 24 hrs: 800 252-2873
Indiana Reporting: 800 562-2407
Iowa In-state hotline: 800 362-2178
Kansas Reporting 24 hr hotline: 800 922-5330
Kentucky Local Dept. for Social Services or statewide hotline: 800 752-6200
Louisiana 24 hr hotline: 504 925-4571
Maine Reporting 24 hrs: 800 452-1999
Maryland County office of Dept. of Human Resources: Child Protective Services. Click here for Phone Listings
Massachusetts 24 hr hotline: 800 792-5200
Michigan 24 hr. hotline: 800 942-4357
Minnesota County office of Dept. of Social Services. Click here for Phone Listings
Mississippi 24 hr hotline: 800 222-8000
Missouri Reporting: 800 392-3738
Montana 24 hr. hotline: 800 332-6100
Nebraska Reporting 24 hrs: 800 471-5128
Nevada 24 hr. hotline: 800 992-5757
New York Reporting 24 hrs: 800 342-3720
New Mexico 24 hr. hotline: 800 432-2075
New Jersey 24 hr. hotline: 877 652-2873
New Hampshire In-state hotline: 800 894-5533
North Dakota Reporting: CountySocial Services or: 701 328-4806
North Carolina 24 hr. hotline: 800 662-7030
Ohio Dept. of Human Services Child Protective 614 466-0995
Oklahoma 24 hr. hotline: 800 522-3511
Oregon Dept. of Human Resources Childrens’ Services Division 503 945-5651
Pennsylvania 24 hr. hotline in-state: 800 932-0313
Puerto Rico 24 hr. hotline: 800 981-8333
Rhode Island 24 hr. hotline: 800 742-4453
South Carolina Dept. of Social Services Division of Child Protective and Preventive Services 803 734-5670
South Dakota Child Protective Services 605 773-3227
Tennessee Dept. of Human Services Child Protective Services 615 313-4746
Texas 24 hr. hotline: 800 252-5400
Utah 24 hr. hotline: 800 678-9399
Vermont Dept. of Social and Rehabilitation Services 802 241-2131
Virginia 24 hr. in state hotline: 800 552-7096
Washington 24 hr. hotline: 800 562-5624
West Virginia 24 hr. hotline: 800 352-6513
Wisconsin Dept. of Health and Social Services 608 266-3036
Wyoming In-State Reporting: 307 777-7922



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