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Map Pinpoints Where Children Are Being Sexually Abused. Why Aren’t We INVESTIGATING?

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The trial and conviction of former Penn State football coach, Jerry Sandusky,  for child sexual abuse allowed many people to hear  for the first time the graph details that makes these crimes so repulsive.   Civil hearings on child sexual abuse cases usually take place in closed courtrooms for the protection of these young victims.  In this case, however, the victims are now adults, the trial was public and very high profile.  People paid attention and learned just how violent these child rapes are.   This made it  easy to see just how destructive these betrayals of a child’s trust are and why it scars children for life.

This may be a good point to consider the scope of the child sexual abuse problem.   Perhaps the information presented below will have greater resonance than when first posted a number of months ago.  Each red dot on the map below is a Sandusky type horror story for some innocent child in America.   So what are we going to do about it???

The map below shows the locations of hundreds of thousands of criminals trafficking in child abuse images… and the locations of many of their U.S. child victims. Produced by the Wyoming Attorney General’s Office, and based on investigations by Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) law enforcement task forces, it was introduced as evidence in U.S. House and Senate hearings in 2007-2008. The red dots represent unique computers seen by the ICACs trafficking in video and photos of very young children being raped. These images are often called “child pornography,” but they are actually crime scene recordings.


Most of these children wait for a rescue that will never come. They are in extreme danger and law enforcement knows where they are. Investigators go home every night knowing there are thousands of children out there beyond their reach, because they have not been given the resources they need to rescue them.

See The Ed Show Segment on this issue
Watch a Video Plea From Children
Go to Protect for More Detailed Information
Take Action
View my post on Child Fatality Risk Factors (Because child sexual abuse is not the only problem our children face every day)


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