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Corporate Taxes Fall as Profits Soar

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The Economist states it just right.  Big corporations are avoiding their tax obligation. They have no sense of duty or obligation towards the peoples government which created corporations and the condition in which they have flourished.  Increasingly, government is a gadfly to corporate profit making as citizens insist, through their government, that we breath clean air, drink pure water and eat healthy foods.  Corporations are so large and powerful today that the only checks on their power is big government… hence the sustained attacks they are waging on big government.  But when governments no longer have the power or ability to collect taxes from the elite or the largest corporations, they are close to colapsing.  That is the message I take away from this latest report.  I encourage everyone to go there and read more.

Taxing for some

America’s corporation-tax receipts falter even as company profits soar

THE pressure on tax-avoiders is mounting. In the latest episode Tim Cook, Apple’s boss, was called before a Senate subcommittee to explain why the tech giant had paid no tax on $74 billion of its profits over the past four years—though it has done nothing illegal. This comes at a time when America’s corporate profits are at a record high, thanks to the swift sacking of workers at the start of the recession, lower interest expenses, and the fact that cheap labour in emerging markets has eroded union power, allowing firms to move production offshore and defy demands for pay rises. Meanwhile corporation tax, which makes up 10% of the taxman’s total haul (down from about a third in the 1950s) has plummeted. An increase in businesses structuring themselves as partnerships and “S” corporations, which subject profits to individual rather than corporate income tax, is in part to blame. But tax havens are also culprits, as they lower their tax levels to lure in bigger firms. 



  1. dalo2013 says:

    Internationally, the disparity between the wealthy and poor is growing to alarming proportions…and this trend simply cannot continue before the system crashes. I believe fixing the corporate tax system is the first step, followed by reduced incentive packages for senior management, and then the dominoes fall and the beat goes on… At least that is the wishful thinking on my part. Nice posts!

    • DataHeart says:

      I agree with you, but which government today has both the power and political will to fix the corporate tax system? Until citizens of the world wake up to the power and influence of wealthy multinational corporations while being baraged daily with their manipulative propaganda, the political will to fix the system will never emerge.

  2. dalo2013 says:

    I think you are correct (actually history proves you are 100% correct). Greed and corruption will eventually bring down any system, and until there is some real accountability (which certainly does not exist in any current political or business structure in today’s world), this situation will reach a breaking point. Revolution is the best tool any population has, as long as they use it wisely and, if possible, swiftly.

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